A Sundae Success?!!?!? the third Super Fluffy Sundae  is when someone succeeds in getting fluffs sundae

This sunday we will get a sundaeEdit

Dude! Its sunday, Fluff is eating a sundae we must get it now says Jonny to Skyler on sunday morning. Holy your right says Skyler.

What should we use?Edit

How will we get it? says Skyler. Lets use a chair says Jonny, Skyler says okay, then Jonny threw a chair at Fluff, Fluff destroyed it. Skyler ran in and tried to get it but failed. Then Jonny ran in with a hammer and smashed Fluff. Fluff got back up and shot Jonnys hand away off with his laser. With 1 last leap Skyler tried with all his might but lost his leg to Fluffs laser


Then they woke up. Fluff still had his sundae and said " you fools will never get my sundae, then all of a sudden a giant rock came and destroyed the tables. Fluff ran to help them just then a bullet went through Fluff and David appeared with Fluffs sundae. Skyler and Jonny said "What?!" David said " you idiots can't figure out how to get Fluffs sundae? You guys are dumber than i thought! " Then he ran off with Fluffs sundae.Fluff then says "I always have a spare"