Anthony is a Backup Character that appears in Skyler and Jonny.
HNI 0043

Pernoal InfoEdit

Anthony is played by an american 13 year old Corey Smith Jr.(born on June14th 2000)Corey is noticably smaller then most other characters and loves Legos and Richard called him "Little Lego" and that what Corey used for his Minecraft name but added 03.

About two years ago Corey Bbrke his wrist whilke filming a commercial that never got aired.The commercial was a "stop bullying" commercial when his cousin Hailey knocked cheese puffs out of his hands and fell off the bence with was on a little hill and landed on cement.


Anthony has short blone/brown hair and weres glasses and not as tall as many other character cause he doesn't grow much.


Anthony appears in some video but mostly as a character.


Anthony is likes to be a comdian.Anthony likes to make fun of Jonny even though he doesn't mean it.



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