In Assassin Fluff 3 The Gang Play Assassin Creed 3.
Assassin fluff 3


After GameEdit

Fluff as Connor puls out his sword and stabs Ben franklin and kills him then the Reds attack (The reds are actullay Lava Man) and the Blue attack (the blues are Sky Blue and Nightro) and "Yo mama" walks in the middle of the war and gets killed then the outro plays.


Fluff as Connor Kenway

Skyler as Ben franklin

Jonny as Red Leader

Skyler as Blue leader

Yo mama as random woman who got killed.

Speacial thanksEdit

Anthony Padilla for leting us erase his face and put Fluff's for the thumbnail

Makers of Assassin Creed for making a awesome game series

No one was harmed in the making of this film .............exept yo mama