Cello is a Character in The Awesome Catz as one of the cats.


Cello has white fur and Emo hair.Cello's tail is also puffy which none of the other cats have.


Cello has emo hair but is not emo at all he is actullay really happy with his life.Cello does like rapping but in the Chill out music video he was shown to be a better rapper than Melo.

Even though Melo is the leader of the team Cello is alot Smarter than anyone on the group.Since Cello is smarter he usally gives directions in quick action but Melo comes up with battle plans.


Cello has the abilty to change the temputare of water and change the shpae of a lquid and change a lquid to other lquid (like change water to milk).Cello can ride a waterfall easily and touch hot water without him get burned or even stinged.


Main Characters: Skyler, Jonny, Fluff, CeCe

Secondary Characters: Deena, Mom, Dad, David, Hannah

Backup Characters: The Muffin Man, Billy Rogers, Xavier Anthony Ian

Minor Characters: Bob Roberts, Mario, Luigi

Cartoon Characters: Melo Cello ThunderPoop Evil Puppy Ed Andrew

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