Chris Parkers
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July 23rd, 2002



Youtube Channel

Chris Parkers plays a major role in SkylerandJonnyProductions

Youtube ChannelEdit

Chris owns a Youtube Channel called "Chris Parkers" formally named "Skylerzerocker". This is very inactive.

He owns a channel named "Hyped Ninja" with 3 videos. He is said to continue uploading again.

Real LifeEdit

Richie revealed in a video "Chris Parkers" is only a stage name. His real name is actual "Wesley Moomey".

He moved to Minnesota meaning that making Skyler and Jonny's videos rendered impossible. He eventually moved back in January and worked with Richie and friends but all projects that day went unfinished.

Trivia Edit

  • Skyler was orignailly supposed to have long hair and Jonny has short hair. This later changed with Richie growing his hair out and Chris cutting his short.
  • Chris' favorite superhero is The Flash. He perfers DC over Marvel.
  • His favorite movie is 'Deadpool' and his favorite TV show is 'The Flash'.