Chrismas is an episode that hasn't been released on Youtube yet but has been released on Flipnote hatena. 

Part 1Edit

Jonny is putting a gift under the christmas tree and Skyler comes in to find Jonny touching a gift and Skyler thinks Jonny is opening his (Jonny's)present but Jonny explins that he was just putting Skyler's present under the tree and Skyler turns into a Weegee and shots at Jonny but misses.After the action Skyler asks what Christmas is about Dad suddenly appear and thinks he know and says "It's a day were spiders eat evryone." Jonny says thats more hanaka.Dad asks Jonny if he wants to hunt down santa and Jonny accepts while Skyler walks away.Jonny says to Dad "don't forget your shotgun" Dad says "got it already' Dad shots the gun making Jonny freak out saying "WHAT THE HELL?!"

Part 2Edit

Jonny enters the Mall and looks behind him to find Dad is not behind him and Jonny whisper "Dad hurry up!" Dad then rolls behind Jonny.Jonny gets exsided and points and Says "Target in sight' the camrea zooms out and it turns out Jonny is really pointing at the real store Target Jonny and Dad then walk in Target.3 hours later Jonny and Dad walk out and Santa wasn't there.Dad point at Something and It really turns out to be Santa (Skyler).Jonny and Dad walk over to Santa Santa Asks Jonny If he wants a doll house Jonny nervously answers no and Santa yells "I KNOW YOU DO!" making Jonny Freak out and Shot Santa.After he watches Dad Yells "YOU KILLED SANTAAAAAAAAAAA"Jonny the Joins yelling "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"

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