HNI 0042 The Episode hasn't been upload to the Facetube or Youbook or What ever you call it!

Clean V.S Dirty is an Episode beinging planed to made.

Clean V.S Dirty

The Thumbnail


Jonny is cleaning and making Fluff room to live in when Skyler comes in the room and scares Jonny making Jonny throw Fluff out the window and Jonny jumps out the window and trys to save Fluff and does but leaves scracthes all over his face and Skyler asks why he did that and Jonny repleys with "Fluff may be just a fluffyball with a googly eye glued to it to you but he is a good friend to me!" and then Skyler changes the subject complaining that the room is clean and says dirty is better and Jonny says clean is better and then they start a arrgument and Fluff Gets mad and tells them to f***in fight outside and throws Skyler and Jonny out of the house.

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