The transcrpit for SkylerandJonnyProdcution's video DEADLY TEDDY BEAR


Jonny :Hey Man, what's up?

Skyler: Kim Kardashin's a bitch!

Jonny:Huh?Well Anyway guess I found while intoxicicated!

Skyler:Winnie the Pooh?

Jonny:Yes!It's a Teddy bear!*Momment iof silence*He's our best friend!

Skyler:Where'd you find it?

Jonny: In a dumpster.Also there was a guy and he was hold a rifle for some reason and I just took the bear and he started chasing me for some what ever reason and he MIGHT break in the window.

Skyler:I'm just gonna eat some popcorn.

Jonny:Ok.Hey gimme some.

 Skyler pushes Jonny back

Skyler:Dude, this bear is like magic or something.

Jonny:I think he's alive.

Skyler Jumps

Skyler:IT BLINKED!I ani't touchin that thing no more!

Jonny:Dude!Do you know what this means!?

SkylerA:We have a Teddy Bear Jesus?

Jonny:No!It means we have our own Ted!

Skyler:But it says Pooh.

Jonny:I know!Tha't what makes it even more speical!

Skyler: it's not even 3 letters it's 4 letters.

Jonny:Then it means poop!

Skyler:And if you take off the "h" it's only gonna say poo so it bacisly belongs in the trash.

Jonny:Thats what I said. And he talks!Now say something!.........Take your time.


Jonny:Holy Crap he talks!*burps*I burped.Because he talks!

Jonny:Were gonna be best friends!

Hugs Pooh

Jonny:Dude, it's party time.You threw him off because it's PARTY TIME!Were gonna get wildstyle up in here!

Pooh:Yeah! It's party time!

Skyler:Lemme finsh this!

Eats popcorn

Pooh:Oh yeah!!!*dances*

Pooh:so what are we doing?

Skyler punches Pooh


Jonny:Chill out!

Skyler:Yo man it was just an accident.

Jonny:Yeah what she said!Oh God he has a knife!

Pooh:Got you bitches now!And you're gonna die of my hidden blade!

Jonny:Please don't!

Pooh stabs Jonny

Pooh:I'm in the best hiding stop ever!

Skyler:Were are you!?Oh my god!

Pooh comes out

Skyler:This battle deserves, EPIC TRHOWDOWN MUSIC!

Peanut butter jelly time plays

Pooh:No no no not this!


Pooh:yeah, more like that.

Pooh flings himself at Skyler


Jonny:What's up!

Skyler:Jonny!I thought you died!How'd you come back!


Skyler:You need to speak English!


Skyler:Chu masa sa?

Jonny:What?Hasta La Vista Mother fu*ker!

Skyler:That's better!

Jonny:Ok, anyway what's up?

Skyler:The Teddy Bear is trying to kill me.

Jonny:Oh yeah!I pretty much saw everything.

Skyler:Well he's right there with a knife and he might kill me so.

Jonny:Huh, that's cool.

Skyler:Yeah, pretty interesting.I'm gonna get something to eat real quick.


Skyler:Wait Wait wait.You're a ghost so you can help me, right?You got those magical powers and stuff.

Jonny:I can't touch anything.Bye!

Pooh:Let's fight, Beotch!


on let me get a drink.

Drinks but with difficultity*

Pooh:ha ha!That's pathetic!

Skyler:Shut up!It's difficult with these hands!

Pooh:Can we just fight now?

finishes drinking


Pooh:RAW LAQ ALAD!Wait didn't I already kill that dude?

Skyler:YEah you already killed him but he's a ghost.

Pooh:So that means he could just kill me with his magical butt powers or something?

Skyler:No. He can't touch anything so thats gonna be kinda difficult to do that.

Jonny Twerks

Jonny:Yeah!I'M TWERKIN!

Pooh:Ooooohhhh.That's naaaasty.*dies*

Skyler:Yeah! Dude! I won!

Jonny:Congrats, man!

Skyler falls through Jonny

Jonny:OH GOD!

Skyler falls on knfie

Skyler rises from dead

Jonny:Woah!What the hell?You're alive!

Skyler:No.I actually don't know.

Jonny:Woah I can actualy feel you.You must be a ghost!

Pooh:Im'a ghost too!

Skyler:Oh no.

Jonny:Well let's just settle this with a ...

(at same time)Jonny:High Five! Skyler:Fist bump!

Jonny:I thought we were gonna high five.God!We need to work on this!