One day David was sitting on his couch and got a special call

The callEdit

One day Skyler was at davids house and they were playing call of duty the phone rang skyler answered it and said " this better be good, because i just lost my killstreak" Hannah answered it and said, David, weve been together for a while so, wanna go on a date, david said "sure but well, by i have to keep powning noobs at call of duty" skyler said, what was that about, david said " me and hannah are going on our first date! "


Later david was dressing and Jonny came over to congratulate David and david said " be quiet jonny, you f**king cock face "


after the date David and Hannah went to the woods and made their first kiss right after this the old man who shot skyler in Whatcha gonna do shot a bullet through davids heart and he fel to the ground Hannah took out her pocket knife and threw it at the old man, it got stuck in the old mans leg, the old man fell to the ground and shot the gun 1 last time, this time it went through hannahs stomach and by the time skyler and jonny got their hannah was dying and david was dead. They rushed her to the hospital, but then the old mans son came up and shot skyler through the face with a crossbow and shouts "WHAT DID ME AND MY DAD DO?!" and it was up to jonny to save hannah, but then jonny tripped and then police came and arested the old mans son for murder Hannah ended up living but the bullet made her crazy and she ended up shooting her self  in the head.

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