In EPIC GHOST HUNT! Deena finds a ghost in her room and Skyler and Jonny must get rid of it.

PREVIOUSLY ON SKYLER AND JONNY:Skyler murdered Jonny and Jonny haunted Skyler and killled him aswell. Months later the God of the underworld sent Skyler and Jonny back to life leaving Skyler and Jonny with no merory of being ghosts.


Skyler and Jonny are seen sitting on the couch and Jonny says he is so bored when Deena comes in and Skyler asks what see is doing in there house and Jonny sees that her hair is puffy and Deena says theres a ghost in her room Jonny doubts this but Skyler says they sould have a look for them selfs and Jonny accepts.Skyler,Jonny and Deena walk in CeCe's Room and Jonny asks why there in CeCe's room Deena says they need to find her and get her out of the house and Deena says CeCe should be sleeping.They all Check CeCe's Bed but can't find CeCe and Skyler asks were she is and CeCe appears behind them and scares all them.Jonny tells all them to get out of the house and Skyler trys to sneak away but Jonny catches him.Skyler says the things they need to capture the ghost are Vacums √ Remotes √ and digity √.Skyler says he never captureed a ghost and Jonny says they should watch a how to video about caputing ghosts.

Ghost hunting for Dummies

Bob Roberts greets himself and asks the watcher if they have troubles hunting for ghost then he says they came to the right place.Bob walks next to a ghost (But you can't see it) and Bob says you need to suck up the ghost with a vacum and kill it but unforountly Bob's Vacum is full of ghost and his vacum exploads and Bob dies and the camera man yells in victory that he can take all Bob's Money.

After Bob's Video

Skyler says the video really Sucked and Jonny says they need to get the ghost Skyler accepts.The ghost appears (You can see it)and Skyler throws his vacum at the ghost but doesn't effect it and Jonny tells him you can't hit a ghost and the ghost chases them and they run in every diffenet room in fast motion (Like in cartoons) and the ghost finally catches them Jonny punches the ghost and in shock he says Humans can't hit ghosts. CeCe and Deena appear and scare Skyler and Jonny and Skyler asks why they are here and Jonny contuies that he told them to stay out.The ghost attepts to get up CeCe asks Skyler if he knows what she is thinking Skyler asks if she id thinking running away like pussys and she says she was thinking about that and CeCe and Skyler run but run into a wall shortly after.The ghost throw CeCe and Deena out the  window and tell Skyler and Jonny they are ghosts and thats how they hit the ghost and Skyler and Jonny  become shocked and Jonny ask how CeCe and Deena saw them the ghost says when CeCe and Deena were asleep he switches there eyeballs with diffeet ones that can see ghosts and Skyler becomes anooyed and sucks up the ghost and Jonny asks Skyler if he thinks what the ghost said was real and Skyler sucks up Jonny annoyed.

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