Fluff's Anut is the mother of Geffory and the aunt of Fluff she is the wife of Fluff's Uncle too.She was seen in the
Fluff's Anut

Fluff's Anut

hospital when giving birth to Geffory and when the planet was breaking with Fluff and Geffory trying to save her.


She is Purple like the Fluff Family but she has brown hair.

Episode appearance(s)Edit


Still at the hospital asleep Fluff and Geffory quickly wake her up warning her the the planet is going to explode.She follows them but a earthquake happens and the ground opens up causing her to fall. Upon seeing this Geffory jumps for her but Fluff trys to stop him but Geffory breaks out of the hold.After his mother hits the ground, dead, Geffory kneels to her dead body depressed but Fluff reminds him if they don't leave they will end up like her.

In the space ship her corpse is seen floating around.

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