Food Battle 2012


Food battle 2012 is the 1st food battle.


Jonny hears a werid voice a Walks into the Kitchen to find Skyler with his head in some cake.Jonny wakes him up asking what he is doing and Skyler replies saying he is eating his fave food and Jonny asks what it is and Skyler yells at him "IT IS CAKE!"and Jonny says Cake Sucks and Skyler demands to know what Jonny's fave food is and thanks it is going to be a vegable but Jonny resonds with Pink frosted Sprinked Dounut leaving Skyler Confused and [Skyler] says "I GOING TO KICK YOUR DONUT ASS!"

Chart mode

  1. Challenge Skyler Jonny

1 Pencil X X

2 Helment X √
3 Microphone √ √
4 Fake dog X √
5 Toilet √ X

6 Car X X

7 Bikni X √

8 Something to impress √ X

a hot girl (Delted battle)

9 Energy Drink √ √

10 Bow n arrow √

Jonny:(not taken because Skyler shot Jonny to hard)

Info mode


Skyler:He Trys to write a letter with the candle but burns the Paper insted.Result:X

Jonny:He trys to Write but just breaks the Dounut and ruins the Paper.Result:X


Skyler:He puts the Cake on his head when a watermelon falls on his head and hurts his head.Result:X

Jonny:He Puts the Dounut on his head on a watermelon falls on him and Breaks the Watermelon After getting a check Jonny asks if it fell yet.Result:√


Skyler:He says "hello" into the Candle and It echos very loud.Result:√

Jonny:He yells AAAAAHHHHHHH into the hole and the people scream in pain.Result:√

Fake Dog

Skyler:he trys to make the cake into a dog but fails.Result:X

Jonny:he rips up the dounut and turnd out to look just like a dog.Result:√


Skyler:When he is about to pull his pants down the Judge says he allready took a sh*t.Result:√

Jonny:When he sits on it and poops on it but doesn't go though.Result:X


Skyler:He trys to sit on the Cake but dysterys it.Result:X

Jonny:Jonny is in the middle of the road and sits on the donut but get hits by a car.Result:X


Skyler:He rubs his cake up on his nipples but Doesn't work and the jugde says "Your Black"Result:X

Jonny:He puts 2 Donuts on his Nipples and the judge says "i can see your Nipples!".Result:√

Something to impress a hot girl(Deleted Battle)

Skyler:A hot Girl walks up to Skyler and gets Naked bacause she Thanks he is hot.Result:√

Jonny:the same Girl walk up to Jonny but pukes on him.Result:X

Energy Drink

Skyler:he eats his Cake makeing him go crazy.Result:√

Jonny:He Eats his Donut makeing him Go crazy like Skyler.Result:√

Bow n arrow

Skyler:His Cake turns into a Bow and Shots Jonny.Result:√

Jonny:He was shot before he could take his turn.Result:Not taken


Jonny trys to lanch at Skyler and Kill him but just Breaks the Donut insted and Skyler's Cake instintly Turns into a Bow
Food Battlw 2012 endding
and then Pulls too hard The wrong way (he should of pointed at himself)he shots Jonny and Kills him and Skyler Wins Food Battle.

The Judge Tells Skyler he just won Food Battle and ask what will he do and he resonds with i going to find that Chick and Have sex with her and ask the Judge if he wants to come and the judge says "F*CK YEAH" And Skyler says "TO BAD!" and kicks him.

Shut Up! opening

"hhhmmm. that is some good cake""SHUT UP!"

Bloopers Ending

To See Bloopers and a Detleted Batttle Click the Link in the discripston below.

Food Battle 2012 Bloopers

Subscribe ending

"Thank for Subscribing. And Thank watching the frist Food Battle IN HISTORY BITCH!


  • On the Fake dog contest on Jonny's turn when he turns his Donut into a dog they use There Dog for it.

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