In Food Battle 2013 ANNOUNCEMENT Jonny comes back from the dead and trys to kill Skyler before Food Battle
Food Battle 2013 ANNOUNMENT!


Skyler is watching TV when Jonny sits down next to him Jonny says Hi but Makes Skyler freak out and Jonny asks "What?" Skyler holds up a mirror and Jonny sees he's a Zombie and Jonny Freaks out Skyler asks Jonny why he freaked out and Jonny explians back in Food Battle 2013 Poll he cleaned his face before he whent back to the underworld Skyler says sometimes but Jonny intrupts him saying He want a rematch but Skyler says the Poll hasn't stoped Jonny complians "S**T!" Jonny says he will Kill Skyler before the Poll ends Skyler asks why he would do that since it won't stop the poll Jonny then says he knows he just want to do it for Fun then he evily laughs.

Jonny trys to Kill SkylerEdit


Jonny Trys to Kill Skyler (who is outside) by throwing an axe at him  Jonnt throws the axe but just breaks the window glass and the axe goes up and hit a man driving a car (CeCe's Manger) and Jonny runs away and his arm fells off as well.


Once again Jonny trys to Kill skyler when he is outside (Remember the glass is broke)Jonny Fires the gun but it hits Mom (who was mowing the lawn) and Jonny Screams in horror.


Jonny Walks over to Skyler and asks Skyler what he's doing Skyler asks if this has anything do do with killing him but Jonny lies a denies Jonny stands closer to Skyler and stabs him and Skyler dies and Jonny screams in victory and leaves the room.When Jonny walks out he realies that he killed his best friend and gets Dad.Back in the room Skyler comes back to live (Or didn't die at all) and he hears Jonny coming back to the room so Skyler grabs the kinfe and hides behind the door.when Jonny opens the door Skyler stabs Jonny but he actullay stabed Dad and Dad dies and the both scream NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Jonny trys to Kill SkylerEdit

Jonny promises he won't come back  from the underworld until Food Battle 2013 and Skyler says okay Jonny goes threw the ground and then comes back up and shoots Skyler's Foot and Jonny leaves before Skyler can hit him back.