Food Battle 2013 Poll
Food Battle 2013 Poll is a Video Were Jonny comes back from the Dead to tell the veiwer to vote for Jonny's Food.


Skyler is seen Walking and and Arm comes from the ground and Grabs Skyler's Leg.Skyler freaks out and trys to run away and the hand comes off the arm and a voice is heard saying "Hey!" Skyler starrres at the arm for a little while until Jonny (Looking like a Zombie) comes up form the ground and Tells Skyler he wants a rematch But Skyler tells him he doesn't have a food and that if he uses his dounut again Skyler will just win again and that he's a Zombie.Jonny eats off Skyler's ear and Skyler screams and runs away.Jonny tells the viewers that THEY need to Choose What Jonny's Food will Be and the choices are Mac and Cheese, Hambuargars, Pancakes or Fries.After Jonny is finshed Skyler comes marching over to Jonny and starts to yell at Jonny but Jonny gets anooyed and starts eating Skyler and Take him down to the underworld.The Judge comes to interview them but can't find them and asks were they went.

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