In this episode David makes a invention that goes terribly wrong


One day Skyler gets a call from David telling him to come to burger king. Skyler and Jonny come to burger king and find out that David made a device which travels them into games. Jonny says "what does this button do" and presses a button that transports them into minecraft.

Surviving minecraftEdit

What the hell?! You transported us into minecraft? David shouts. Get over lets survive, Jonny says. After about a day they go to fight mobs. Afte slaying every mob David finally gets his device to work and hits a random button to transport them into a random game


Just then they land in the world of madden 25 "really? Football?"Says Jonny. Man, this game sucks balls! Skyler and David say the same time. But Jonny slaps the button and blows up because it wasn't functioning right. After 1 month in the NFL Skyler and David go back to the device all fixed and hit the button

GTA 5Edit

Just then Skyler and David landed in Los Santos and bought a lot of guns. Skyler went to fight cops while David f*cked michaels wife. They had a showdown in Los Santos. Franklin was shot and killed. Trevor went to jail and Michael got away. After many games of golf and tennis Skyler and David went home.