In How to Draw Skyler teaches you how to Draw.
How to Draw



Skyler asks the aduince If the ever wanted to Draw the Best thing in the World but it turned out to be crap and Skyler says he will Show them How to draw!

Rage faceEdit

Step #1Edit

"Draw a face wich is a circle ..if you didn't know that."

Step #2Edit

"Make him Scream!" After making the Rage Face Scream Skyler starts Scearming and Rips up the Paper (ANGERY YET?)

Awesome FaceEdit

Step #1Edit

"Make a face DUH!!!!!!!!!!!"

Step #2Edit

"Make it Awesome!"Skyler makes it His face and Makes it shine and Skyler shouts "WOAH! MY PANTS ARE WET!!" (COOL!I think)

A PhoneEdit

Step #1Edit

"Make a Square and.." Jonny compalins he wants a OLD phone not a Iphone Skyler says "uhhhh......You got me there....." (PUSSY!)

Yo Mama!Edit

Step #1Edit

"Make the body and Face and umm... that.."

Step #2Edit

Make the Hair

Step #3Edit

"Make it Your Mom!" Skyler makes it Ugly and says "Better!"  (MOMMY?)


St. Joe Runs in and Shouts "STOP RIGHT THERE!" Skyler asks "Who the hell are you and why are you in My house!" St. Joe says "I'm St. Joe!"  Skyler asks "Ummm. are you gonna arest me?" St. Joe answers "Pfttttt. no, I;m gonna Shot you!" Skyler asks why and St. Joe says "MOTHER ABUSE!" Skyler says it was a Joke but St. Joe Shouts "BULLS**T!!!" and Shots Skyler to his Death.

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