In If Disney was Real Skyler and Jonny Imagine if Disney movies and TV shows were real.
If TV Shows were real


Skyler and  Jonny are watching Cinderella and Jonny points out no one can fly like that and that she would just fall to the ground and die Skyler says it's just a movie and says Life would suck if Disney was real.


101 DalmatiansEdit

101 Dogs are destroying Skyler and Jonny's house and Skyler screams "I THOUGH THEY WERE JUST COMING AT 1:00!"

A.N.T FarmEdit

Real Ants are seen going into a farm.


Jessie (Deena) Is on the couch when all the kids are going crasy and Jessie holds a gun up to her head perparing to commit suicide.

Altenate SenceEdit

Before Jessie Shoots herself Luke (Jonny) comes over there and take the Gun from her and Shoots her repeatedly.

Good Luck CharlieEdit

Teddy(Deena) is filming a video diary for Charlie and Teddy say"Well mom blew up, Dad gained 700 pounds,PJ burned Quicky chicky down and Gabe did ....... uhhh what did he do?Well Gook luck charlie."

Shake It UpEdit

CeCe comes up to the set and says she is ready when the prouder says CeCe doesn't have her Red hair when Rocky (Mom) is shaking a slushy magic and says it's fun.

Sofia The FristEdit

Sofia(Jonny) is telling her teddy bear to talk to her but the teddy bear doesn't speak she begins to cry and hopes for the bear to cheer her up when the teddy bear doesn't she swears at him.

Phineas and FerbEdit

Phineas(Skyler) and Ferb(Jonny) are bulding something when Candice (Deena) sees what they are building and trys to tell Mom when all the sudden the thing they built exploded and when Candice shows mom see doesn't see anything and Candice says "But" many times and Mom shots Candice in frustation.

After SpoofsEdit

Jonny agrres that they would suck,Skyler remembers he has a date Jonny asks who with Skyler says he doesn't know.Skyler leaves and Sees a firetruck he nearly gets ran over but Cenderlla saves him and Skyler thinks he is dreaming and he rubs his eyes to fing out a fat guy is sitting on him and Skyler screams.

Deleted SencesEdit

Meet the JohnsonsEdit

Louis and the Time travel boy are about to time teavel but fail and the time travel boy shouts "S**T!"

Peter PanEdit

Peter Pan trys to Jump off the roof and Fly but falls to the ground and dies.The kids laugh at peter and one kid says "I know why he can't fly.He's Tiny!!"and they countine to laugh.

Altenate SenceEdit

After Peter Falls a pirtate comes over and says"His name is peter PAN!" and the pirate whacks Peter with a Pan.