n If IPhone Apps Were Real Skyler and Jonny imagine what the World be Like if Iphone Apps were Realisc.


Skyler is Playing Angry Birds on His Phone When Jonny Says they are so unrealistic When Skyler says they would Suck if they were Realistic.

Plants V.S ZombiesEdit

Jonny is Gardening When a Zombie Appears and says "Holly Bob Barkers 's Ping Pong Balls!" he Tries to Shoot the Zombie but Seems to be out of Bullets,Jonny Then Tells the Plant to Attack then the zombie Eats the Plants and Jonny says "Thats the Third time this week!"

Angry BirdsEdit

four birds are peeking a Pig when the Pig says "Get the F**k Off me!

Doodle JumpEdit

Jonny Comes Over to Skyler and asks what he is Doing Skyler says he is drawing a Guy Jumping Then Jonny says "I thought you were doing something fun" then Walks away.

Cut the RopeEdit

Jonny is Trying to Cut a Rope in a Box when He cuts his Finger off and Screams in seeing the Blood.

Paper TossEdit

Skyler is Trying to throw a Crumbled up piece of Paper in a Trash Can when another employ (Dad) sits next to him and Skyler asks how this is fun.

Mega JumpEdit

Skyler and Jonny are on a Trampoline when Jonny says it would be cool if he could Mega Jump then a Fat guy says he can Help then he Jumps on The trampoline and Jonny Springs into the Air.

Fruit NinjaEdit

A Ninja (Skyler) Is Cutting Fruit when Someone throws a bomb at Him and the Ninja asks what the hell the guy was doing.


Barry (Jonny) trys to Fly away But falls Straight to the Floor and a Scientist says "BBIITTCCHH you should try this one" then Flys away

After SpoofsEdit

Jonny agrees they would Suck then Skyler says he just download "Iphone World" app and on the Screen there is a portal Skyler taps it then Skyler and Jonny get sucked into the Phone.


  • This Video is a Pardoy of WTF Productions FTW.
  • It's weird Why Skyler didn't Fly in the Air with Jonny When the Fat guy Jumped on the Trampoline.