Leave it to Steven
Season 2013, Episode 3
Leave it to Steven
Air date N/A
Written by Richerd Caridan
Directed by Richerd Caridan and Chris Caridan
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Leave it to Steven is the 3rd episode of That's So Steven.Leave it to Steven is also a parody of Leave it to Beaver.


Clip 1

Carl (Skyler) is sitting in his Chair reading a book when Steven asks Carl if he can ask him a question Carl resonds no and Steven tells him he was just going to ask ---- Carl interupts him saying no again only to get punched by Steven.

Clip 2

Steven is looking thorugh a telescope looking at the stars when Wendy (Deena) Marches over to Steven and takes the Telescope  from his and says it's her's.Steven Pushes her and makes her throw the telescope in the air.While Carl and his Friend Jimmy (Jonny) are playing basketball and the telescope hits Carl but Jimmy continues to play basketball.

Clip 3

Steven is Siting on the couch watching TV when carl says Steven is so lazy and Steven says his dad is lazyer when Carl happyly agrees but he then finds out what Stven said and Carl says he's not lazy Steven doubts this and picks up Carl easily Carl demends to be put down.Steven drops Carl on the ground and calls him a baby.Steven then commets that he has a Daughter that older then him Carl is Shocked because of this.Carl asks who is and Steven answers with Wendy.Wendy is then seen a old lady.

Clip 4

Carl is with his friend Jimmy and Carl knees know like he is going to purpose to Jimmy Carl starts with "Jimmy will you do that honor and" Jimmy inturupt Carl and Shoots him and calls him a gaywod and says he is not going to marry him Carl says taht he was just giving Jimmy a late Birthday gift Jimmy then trys to take the present but Carl take it for him self.He opens the box and there's Air Shoes inside and Carl Jump up but nothing happens.He thiks it's a scam but Seconds later Carl Flys up and breaks through the roof of the house and lands in Steven's room were Steven is naked and Steven screams.

Clip 5

Marie (CeCe) Wendy and Steven and and siting on the Couch waiting for Carl.Steven ask if Carl Is late again for the family meeting.Marie suggest they should have a family meeting without Carl and everyone agrees.Marie asks Wendy what she thinks about Carl.Wendy answers Lazy Marrie ask Wendy why she thinks that Wendy says because he hogs up the TV watching Leave it to Beaver.Marrie Asks Steven what he think about Carl.Steven answers with disreastful Marrie asks why Steven thinks that Steven resond with that when he asks him a question he don't listen.Marrie thinks Carl is a F**ker and they all agree.Finally Carl walks in the room and asks what he missed.Steven ponits a gun at Carl and Carl ask why Steven has a Gun and then asks why he's point at him and Carl screams in horor.

Clip 6

Steven comes over to Carl with his Report Card and Carl Checks it.Carl yells at Steven for geting a F and trys to hit Steven but Steven pulls out a tenis raket and whacks Carl in the Face and loses his tooth.Carl asks were his tooth is and Steven pulls Carls tooth out Carl thanks Steven and puts his tooth back in.After a while Carl asks were Steven found the tooth.Steven tells him that it was in his Buttcheck after hearing this Carl spits out his tooth.

Clip 7

Steven is on his bed reading a comic Book when his Phone rings and the name is Suck my Balls and Steven says he knows it's Carl and doesn't answer.It hen Shows Carl on the side of the road with a killer trying to  murder Carl and Carl says "Come on  Steven answer the phone!"

Clip 8

Carl is Talking to Jimmy and Carl Asks If Jimmy want to go golfing But Jimmy turns him don't saying he going to spend time with his Wife.Carl says Seen Last Week he has beenn spending time with her and not him.Jimmy says he's Sorry but she's his Wife.Carl then goes home.Carl Knocks on Steven's Door and Steven asks who it is Carl says it's his dad.Steven says the door is open and Carl comes in.Steven asks if Carl is Crying and Carl says Yes and Steve asks why.Carl tells Steven that Jimmy is spending more time with his wife and not him.Steven tells Carl that He has a wife and he should spend time with her but Jimmy is useless without Carl.After Steven Says that Jimmy's Voice can be heard saying "YEAH I WON THE LOTTRY!!!" and carl start crying and Steven tells Carl not to be a pussy and it only makes Carl Cry harder.

Clip 9

Carl comes out In his Underwear and Steven Starts laughing Carl tells Steven to Shut up but Steven contuines to laugh Carl trys slapping Steven to make him shut up and shoot him and stab him and use his Shut Up! app on his phone (From Smosh) but Carl starts crying and runs outside he crys until poprazzi start taking pictures of him and Carl kills some of them with his mailbox and pushes one in the road and kills them and a cop trys to shot Carl but carl runs back in his house and Marrie asks Carl what the hell is going on.


Marrie is seen talking to Carl saying he is Lazy Carl asks why this is and Marrie says he hogs up the TV watching Leave it to Beaver Wendy Yells at Marrie and sys she said that but Marrie pushes her back and she says Carl is also Disrespecful and when anyone asks him a question he donesn't lisien Steven says he said that and marrie pushes him like Wendy.Later Steven and Wendy are Talk and Wendy says both Carl and Marrie are Douches and Steven says they need to kill them both and Wendy agrees.Steven gives Carl and Marrie juice that puts them to sleep and Steven and Wendy Shot Marrie and Carl's Heads


  • In Clip 8 and 9 are the only one where Carl cries.
    • Carl is also The only Character in this episode who cried.
  • Jimmy only apears in 3 Clips.