This Is the list of Backup Characters.


The Muffin ManEdit

The Muffin is very similar to Slenderman exept He does kill them.


Hard to belive Anthony is the Smartest Backup Character there is exept that he is not as Smart as Jonny! Anthony is sometimes stupid for his Stunts.


Ian Mostly very Dumb at moments by Missing the obvious but, when one of his friends are in trouble he does even the most stupidest thing to save them.


Is David's Best Friend and sometimes he is a jerk but David never really cares.

St. JoeEdit

St. Joe is obvisuosily a Policeman but, actually he threatened to shot the people at the police station to get his Job. Joe Maybe has something against Skyler since he always wants to shoot him after he caused Mother abuse and before he shoots he always says BULLS**T!!

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