Melo is a character in The Awesome Catz.Melo is the leader of the team.



Melo has spikey hair and has orange fur.Melo likes to wear his "lucky red shirt" all the time.


Melo is nice and likes to have fun.Melo has shown to be lazy in episode one but after relizing he is a hero he was very acctive.

Melo is the leader of the team but is not that smart.Cello usally comes up with quick action ideas but melo always comes up with the battle ideas.


Melo can shoot fire from his paws and strech his nails out super far.Melo can also use a move he calls kitty poots with is a exploading fart that blows up the person behind him along with knowcking out other people with the smell.


  • His name and his hair could be punned off of Fish Hook's character Milo.


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