In this episode Minecraft becomes real.

Minecraft in REAL LIFE
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Minecraft in Real life
Written by Richard Caridan
Directed by Corey Smith jr.
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Skyler and Jonny Find there self In the game of Minecraft.Skyler starts Hitting a Tree to get wood Skyler says "This is gonna take for ever like every "If Minecraft was Real" Video or Something" but Breaks the wood "Or not" he contiues.Jonny See a Wolf Comeing to him and panics But remembers they are netraul He sees a Skeloton who seems to be Hiding in Shade and Jonny Kills him by Multiply Steping on his foot then tickling him to get a bone.Jonny Attempts to tame the wolf and seccues.After Peting the "Dog" Skyler tells him he is done with the wood and Jonny whispers "That's What She Said" Jonny Decided to Called the Dog "Kojo"

Jonny and Kojo Spent 2 hours together and when Night Came Skyler whent to Sleep But Jonny and Kojo Watch TV.An Enderman Teloported into their house and Jonny grabbed a Diamond Sword and tryed to kill it Kojo Helps But was Killed Jonny grew extremly Mad and He killed the Enderman along with his Race.

In the Morning Skyler asked Jonny what is wrong.Jonny pointed at Kojo's Collar and Skyler Found out right away He knew what Jonny was going threw.Skyler played him a song and Jonny felt better.Jonny Danced By Skyler siad'No wait The House isn't Done then It Colpased.Skyler was able to get Out alive but It killed Jonny.Skyler Said "No no nananana NO!" he digged threw the brick and Found Jonny he when passed him and Grabbed his Boombox and said "DAMN YOU SURVIVAL!DAMN YOU!!"

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