N+ is BACK is a episode were Skyler needs to beat N+ before Billy kills him.


Billy Rogers and Skyler are both talking. Skyler asks if he can borrow a game called N+ Billy hands it over and demands it to be back in 2 weeks.Back at Skyler's house he he starts a new game which lost all of Billy's progress."Now I'm screwed" he said.Skyler started thinking of what he should say to Billy.Skyler starts talking to Lucky.Lucky says to tell Mom.Skyler does tell my and she says "The problem to everything is to buy LOTS OF SPAGITHII"

Skyler buys lots of Spagithii and splats it on the game. Jonny then walks by the door then eyes the spagithii.Skyler then suggests to beat it again.On the first level he dies which is impossible.Skyler shouts "What the hell was that!!"Jonny starts laughing behind him and Skyler tries to grab the spagithii but it's not there then Skyler loses his temper and stomps out saying "I want some damn food!" and Jonny asked what he said while eating the spagithii.

Skyler then starts crying but sees an action replay."I havn't used you in a while" he saisd while grabbing and music plays.Skyler starts to use the action replay to cheat and complete the game.When Skyler beats the game he gets a phone call from BIlly and Billy says "Hey,If you got get here in 2 minutes i'm gonna kill your ass!"

Skyler hurrys to Billy but Skyler only has 10 seconds.Skyler gives Billy the game a split second late and Billy shoots Skyler on accident.Billy starts to play his game again and see Skyler completed the game because Billy was only on the 22th level.

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