New Alien is a episode planed to be made.

New Alien
New alein





Characters featured

Skyler, Jonny, Fluff


Skyler and Jonny are Sitting on the Couch Watching TV when a Commercial comes up of Aliens Attacking Earth.In Skyler and Jonny's Shock They Baracade the House.Skyler says They Got Everything they Need Video games, Food , and Sleeping Bags.CeCe runs in and Says everyone on earth is screwed because the alen can shoot laser and dysroty houses.

The "alien"'s ship lands (which is Tiny) and Skyler and Jonny approch it and Skyler has a Gun.When the "alien" jumps out Skyler fires the gun but the alien throws Skyler in the house when he stands up the alien throws a mattress on his head.Jonny brings the alien in the house he asks if he can talk and it says "yes my name is Fluff and this is a amazing world you got here."Skyler asks Fluff why he is here and Fluff answers "because my planet blew up and me my cousin and some of his brothers got out alive.Jonny says "we will take care of you Fluff!'Suddenly Mom walked in and said she heard everything and she said no about keeping Fluff but Fluff shoots her with his laser.


  • It is odd how Fluff threw Skyler without growing his arms out