In Ninja of Oz a ninja and his lion travel to a land named Oz.


The video starts with a ninja  showing up without a head asking where it is.The lion shows up with his head in his mouth.The ninja start yelling and chasing the lion.Then the it says "Ninja of oz" on the screen.


The ninja starts out with saying this is a start of a new web show. The ninja then becomes confused that he has no idea what the web is since he is 1984. A loin is showed behind him then he stares at the loin then he starts eating the ninja. The ninja starts riding the loin and they run into a DS named Oz. The ninja constantly points out Oz is not  a real wizard by asking if he has a power. The ninja starts attacking Oz and the DS becomes mad and then uses his power to teach the ninja a lesson.

The ninja and the loin the randomly teloport to a land named after the wizard "Oz". The ninja stats that he loves the new town since it has unicorns and starberry rivers. A frog who seems to be a princess says that there is a dragon that if he kills him and takes his orb and he can return to his home land.The ninja a shocked to hear there is a dragon but doesn't listen to that he can return home.

The ninja travels to the dragon's castle and finds the loin trapped yelling "Help!".The ninja gives "Kitty" some pepper and he sneezes and the castle falls over and the orb falls with it.The ninja tells the orb to return them to Kanas.The orb does some kind of power to blow them away. The camreaman who got blowen away and didn't teloport with them yells "It's still recording!".The camreaman then relises he is stuck there at Oz.

Back at Kanas the ninja says he thought Kanas really sucked when he went to Oz but then he relised that Kanas is cool after all.The ninja says that he loved "Kitty" most of all.Then aftera brief scilence the ninja asked "Where is the orb?"Then the crdits play.


  • The ninja is played the the same guy who plays Billy Rogers.
  • Before the ninja went to Oz Richie actually played the Ninja and Nate played the loin.
  • The camreaman was played by Chris.
  • The guy who played Princess Frog was Afircan American you can tell by the hands.


Ninja of Oz

Ninja of Oz


BLooper script:

We messed up A LOT in the making of Ninja of Oz

Ninja of Oz BLOOPERS

Ninja of Oz BLOOPERS

So here are some



people in backround:hehehe spider baby

Ninja:This is a fail.guys guys guys, suriously.Guys!BROS. BRAS okay fine.



Richie:I'm gonna buy some shampoo now.And I'm recording this





Richie:The orb graduated.

Nate:From collage dun dun dun

Richie:or was it school

Nate:dun dun dun


*loin is humping dragon*

Nate:are you recording this?

Richie Yes *laughs*


Richie:The loin has balls

Nate:Oh my god the sack is so big 



Richie:the graduating loin with balls.

Nate:Oh my god the sack is so big.



*Nate's face is by the loin with the balls sticking his tougue out sexually*

Richie:This is getting old, very old.Even though the sack is so big.


Richie:It's filming your knee!

Nate:I wanna eat you.


Nate:Camrea to THE BALLS

Richie:Oh my god!

So there was the