After the break up Hannah is pregnant!But Jonny is not the dad...

Tell him congratsEdit

Hannah knocks on David's door and he answers it when he finds out it is Hannah he trys to close the door but she stops him she tells him she's pregnant and David says "tell Jonny I said congrats"then try's to shut it again but puts a hole in the door and says Jonny is not the dad then he reopens the door and says "Tell Skyler I said congrats" then closes the door she says "David your the dad!" and he shout "WHAT!" then Jonny shouts "would you shut the f**k up!I'm watching Titanic! The Skyler comes out and says "is my favorite part on?" and Jonny says yeah Skyler starts copying Rose "Only this...." then David tells Hannah "I'll talk later I gotta see Rose naked" and Hannah says "wow I thought Skyler's Dad liked porn movies.

Are you sure?Edit

David comes to Hanah's house and knocks see answers she think he is there at congratulat her but instad he punches her door and leaves while see commets that he is a douche.David comes over to Skyler's house and Jonny tells David theres news and Skyler continues with "I'm preganut!" and Everyone gets confused and Jonny Punches him then Jonny bring out Hannah and whispers "how much are you paying me?" and she whipsers back "I'll rub your d**k when were done." then he accepts. Hannah says "David this is your kid you you even care i mean i'm not giving this to some guy who owns a bar and gets it baby drunk find out the baby is a guy ans he shoots him self and get pick up by a hooker!" and David says back "Your a hooker!" and Hannah tells him to take this suriously David says "Okay but are you sure the pregnacey is true?" and Hannah resonds "i have a picture of your penis and i can post it on Instagram if you like" and David asks "how the hell did you getna picture of my penis!?" and Hanah quickly says "i swallowed a camrea when i was 5, no more questions"