Preisdent Stike Back! is a Episode were Barack Obama trys to Kill fluff after what he has done.


Fluff is watching TV when he gets a Call from Barack Obama saying he wants to make up with Fluff Fluff Says OK.Fluff returns to the White House and Barack is their with Mitt Rommney and many people with bags on their heads.Barack Snaps his Fingers at the moment Fluff sits down and the doors lock and the bags are removedfrom the peoples head and it turns out they are Zombies.Mitt says "PAYBACK" and Fluff is disapointed that Barack is sending Zombies that can't kill him.Mitt says "Yeah that is what Barack thought I dint do anything and I am probaly anooying and Barack is gonna push me into the zomebies."After Mitt is done Barack pushes him.The zombies try to eat him but Fluff saves him and says to Mitt "lets kick his ass!"Mitt Gets Up and Hold Barack in Front of a Zombie,Barrack shakes and Exploads Mitt falls but runs.Barack turns ouy to be a mutant he shoots lazers at Fluff Fluff blast them Back The the first Lady walks in and Pukes.Skyler Jonny and Dad run in with Gunsthey Shoot but fly out of the building.Fluff and Barack comtinute to fight but a voice says "Don't fight anymore Fluff...." Fluff says "Dad?" but it turns out Slenderman said it.Slenderman and Barack fight for a hour but FLuff finally Shoots Barack with his laser and kills him once and for all David then Kills Slenderman and says "Once and For all!I hope..."

Back at the house Mitt comes up and asks "Can I have the White house/" FLuff says "F**k off you little S**t our suck my c**k you little b***h thats probally what your mom says ni**r then Mitt says that last part would be rasit to Barack then Skyler says F**k off!!!