In SUPER MARIO SUCKS! The Mario bros Come to the real world.


Skyler is playing the 1960s Mario game and horrabliy fails at it.Skyler yells at the Game and Jonny takes the controller and starts to play.Jonny insatntly wins for skyler and Skyler gets mad and starts to play level 2.After starting Skyler instantly runs into a goomba and dies.After losing all his lives Skyler curses the game. Jonny points out a message on the game box and says "uh oh!You said something that on the box it says not to!" Skyler asks what's going to happen.Mario (Skyler) and Luigi (Jonny) come into the room and Skyler and Jonny Freak out.Mario asks were he is Jonny says there in the real world Luigi asks what the do in the real world Skyler says he will show them.

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