This is about when Jonny got a creepy doll and it turned out to be evil

That thing looks evil!Edit

One day jonny came home with a doll, David's reaction was That thing looks evil! throw it away!" jonny said no david said "fine just put it where i can't see it" jonny threw it in the closet when no one was looking the dolls eyes glew red

Which one will you choose?Edit

Jonny came back to find david and skyler gone. then david woke up and said " where are we?" skyler said " i think were in the bathroom david said why are we chained? jusst then the tv popped up with that creepy doll on it saying "lets play a game" david, you control this for skyler to live just don't move" david said " thats easy " the doll said " how about now" and davids computer popped up the doll said" 60 seconds to choose david, skyler or your laptop which one will you save"

Just wait a little more!Edit

David started reaching for his computer skyler said " dude what are you doing?" David said " my computer!" Skyler siad " dude i'll die!, im your friend. " David said "friends can be replaced! laptops can't! " the doll popped up on the screen 15 seconds left "  Skyler said " there will be another laptop in your life! just wait a little more" david vision all his memories and the future of him and his computer  david says im sorry skyler, i have to and makes one last jump and the trap activates and skyler starts to fall into the acid before jonny opens the door the doll said "crap" David shouted "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I never "saw" this comingEdit

then it shows david, skyler, and jonny sitting on the couch with skyler saying " i can't believe i almosted died for a laptop " then 2 traps fell on skyler and jonny david said: i never "saw" this coming then the video ends

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