This is a story about when a serial killer was in the town.
Cearl Killer

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David, Skyler, Jonny, and Hannah were watching tv when they heard reports of a serial killer, a survivor subscribed him as a black masked red coat wearing guy with
Serial killer

The serial killer

a knife and a tomahawk.

Oh S**tEdit

Later that day skyler Jonny and david were talking on the couch, hannah was leaving because of the serial killer reports than a knife went into jonnys back then they looked behind jonny and saw a black masked red coat wearing guy with a knife and a tomahawk. David said " OH S**T " and jumped off the couch jonny fell to the ground and hannah ran skyler fell and started running when jonny said " you have to help me " skyler was helping jonny  david was crawling on the floor when the serial killer pointed his tomahawk at him and drove it into davids back jonny then died and hannah tripped and fell of the stairs and broke her spine then died david shouted NOOOOOOO! then right before the serial killer finished of david Xavier came in and shot the serial killer repeatedly.