There was a serial killer in town and this is part 2

No no no no noEdit

1 month after the serial killer attacked and was killed they heard on the news serial killer on the loose again! they said but it died David said: must be a different one. Skyler walked out the door to find blood on the ground wtf was his reaction then David and Jonny heard a scream david said: that sounded like Skyler they went out to find him when David found Skyler Deena was there holding him saying " no no no no no no " David said " holy s**t "  Jonny was calling the cops when Deena got an arrow in her neck it was the same serial killer that attacked them before.


David shouted "run!" jonny tripped David left him then he bumped into a tree only to wake up next to skyler and deenas dead bodies. He thought in his head " atleast jonny escaped then the serial killer walked in with jonny he tied jonny up with david then gunshots were heard then a bullet hit the serial killer but he was un affected xavier had shot the bullet the serial killer turned around and drove the tomahawk into xaviers neck xavier fell to the ground

Who are you!Edit

"f**k f**k f**k David was mumbling Jonny shouted help! David then remembered the pocket knife he had and cut the rope with it and threw it at the serial killer. it had no effect that left david free and Jonny roped up. David jumped on the serial killer and attacked him shouting " who are you!" the serial killer knocked a tomahawk into David's leg Jonny then ran broke free from his ropes and hit the serial killer david tackled hito the ground and his mask came off davids mouth and eyes drew open it was his old friend Matthew, Matthew said you son of a bitch! you ruined it. David said wait how come you killed Xavier? Matt said he was a little bitch. i never actually liked him David said. neither did i Just kidding then he shot Matthew in the head.Skyler Suddenly fell on top them and Jonny asked "What happened to Deena?" Skyler gets a werid look on his face and says "My new name is Ralph."