Skyler hit true love

In Skyler hits True love skyler gets a new Girlfriend.It also a Valentines Special.


Jonny is talking to his girlfrind Sarah when Jonny says "No you hang up" and Sarah says "No you hang up first" and they contine to say it may times after a while Skyler gets annoyed and hangs up Jonny's phone.Jonny asks why Skyler did that Skyler asks if Jonny think he sould get a girlfriend.Jonny Leaves disgusted Skyler asks if he said something.Skyler Joins a dating website and after 2 hours he get 185 nos and 0 yeses after 2 days he has 264 nos and still 0 yeses after a week he has 700 nos and 1 yes.He meets the girl in person to find she is geeky and Skyler runs away and crys.After a year Jonny and Sarah get married and Skyler crys and yells "SCREW YOU!"Jonny and Sarah have a Honeymoon Skyler Crys again and yells the same thing when they got married and then Jonny and Sarah have kids and Skyler crys again and Jonny says he is going to get a new maid and Skyler yells "BUTLER!" and runs away.

Deleted SceneEdit

During the Honeymoon Scene After Skyler runs away Jonny wonders hpw they affored a honeymoon in Mexico when they got married 2 weeks ago.

Skyler meets a girl and She says she needs a boyfriend Skyler stares at her boobs and she says to save the boob staring for later.Skyler and the girl get married and Jonny says his young man is growing up so fast.Skyler and the girl have a honeymoon Jonny says the Same thing he did when they got married and they have kids Jonny (Being a butler) says he has a life to be living and throws the vacum down and leaves.After a while Skyler stares at the girls boobs again and She gets mad and Dumps him since he only likes her for her boobs.Skyler crys and Takes her Money and throws her keys away.

Skyler is playing Call of duty and hardly trys and David yells at him to try harder and Skyler gets off and David gets killed (on the game)and shots "DAMN YOU INTERNET!!!!!!!!!"Skyler is Crying and goes in the road to find a DS with a pokemon game in it and Starts to play but shorty after he gets ran over.


When Skyler gets ran over There is may Bloopers where Skyler keeps laughing when he falls and forgets they are filming and Falls and gets hurt and keeps laughing.


  • People say Skyler is the one who is hot and Jonny is uglier but this video breaks that.

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