Yo you suck and your lame! I got banned by Jonny the wretched libtard…… You're videos suck hard. You listen to bad music like Lil Wang and Kenny West How About You Listen to Good Radiohead and My Chemical Romance nerd??

Hey,Doug.scheer.PLZ COME BACK TO NICK FANON WIKI! I'm miserable without you,MattBoo is miserable without you,Robilist is miserable without you,Bagel is miserable without you,everyone else is miserable without you! Nick Fanon Wiki is a wreck without you! When you left I couldn't stop crying and shouting "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" This is killing me and eyerone on Nick Fanon Wiki! PLEASE COME BACK! crys for a while P.S. if you come back we'll have an "All You Can Watch Kirby Marathon" on Nick Fanon Wiki.Which will have every Nick Fanon Show that has Kirby in it.