You son of a b*tchEdit

When the 3 woke up with jonny walking away skyler said: Dont leave us Jonny, and David just walked into the woods. 5 minutes later skyler caught up to jonny, but Jonny wasnt himself he punched skyler but then came back to his normal self. The next day. Skyler said why did you leave us? Jonny said: Because you are a**holes and punched Skyler. But then David came out of the woods saying: You a**hole, and shot Jonny in the chest with a gun. Son of a b*tch, david said on his dead body


Slenderman appeared. Skyler shouted: But he died! David said: don't you know the logic of slenderman? He can't die. Slenderman then threw a van at them. David got the idea to take the van and drive it. Him and skyler got in and drove but not long before slenderman grabbed skyler at the neck and tried to pull him out but David shot slender in the arm but it reflected back at Skyler and shot his arm off. David was driving so fast the truck caught on fire. Skyler was burning but David made it out of that forest and back home. Skyler was sent to the hospital but and barley lived.


•This is the only episode that bleeps asshole.

Alternate endingEdit

The doctor (Anthony) says "Sorry but there is nothing we can do" the David pulls out a gun and blasts the doctor with it while saying " son of a b*tch.

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