Slenderman returns 1 last time but is friendly and something is fishy..Oh wait that's my tuna.


Months after Skylers injury he started seeing slenderman in his dreams. He went to David since he is an expert on slenderman and said: Man im having dreams about slenderman. Isn't that a sign. David said yes but not everytime. I have actually been having dreams to so we know he is coming after us again. i've been divising a plan.

Were screwedEdit

Jonny walked the room after waking up and said he had dreams about slenderman.David said "welcome to the club" "Here is $20 for joining" countinued then both Skyler and David facepalmed.Slenderman randomly appeared in there house and Hannah jumped in and screamed f**k off!!Slenderman saidhe only want fobbe friends and they wanted to get ice cream.

This is what Kids Do..Edit

The fang and Slenderman did many childish thing and added a deadly part to it.Like Slenderman killing the ice cram cashier when got getting free ice cream. Slenderman pushed David into a Pool and drowned him with anyone knowing and told them he got lost.He slowly lied to Skyler telling him there is a cookie land in the woods but slenderman killed him well .. He thought he did.Jonny and Hannah were alone in the house and Jonny said "you know what we need to do" and Hannah thought he ment something heroic be found he was talking sex. Skyler kicked down the door and told them slenderman is a killer then he saw Hannah and Jonny on the couch and Hannah asked for prove and pulled the dead David to show them and he woke up and found Hannah cheating and he scolded her. Jonny (who is dressed again) asked were slenderman is and he appears and complains that he came late cause he want to see Hannah naked (but she is dressed) and Skyler remembered that voice and he pulled slendermans face which was a mask and it was Ian and Skyler looked pissed off which he was.

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