Steven Hates Justin Bieber
Season 1, Episode 4
Steven Hates Justin Bieber
Air date TBA
Written by User:Marioawesome2
Directed by Richerd Caridan and Chris Caridan
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Leave it to Steven
In Steven Hates Justin Bieber Steven nearly kills Eligah because Steven think Eligah is Justin Bieber.


Steven and Eligah are sitting on the cough and are both bored when the door bell rings and Steven tells Eligah to get it but Eligah doesn't move and Steven gets the door him self he open the door and a Dealiver guy with a heavy package and Steven asks what's in the box and the dealivly guy resonds "i don't know you ordered it!" Steven pushes the box in to the living room and  opens in and Eligah pops up from it and Steven think it Justin Bieber and Steven trys to kill Eligah but stabbing him running him over push him off a building and shooting him but fails and Eligah tells Steven it's eligah and Justin Bieber is in the road and Just bieber then get ran over by a car as Steven and Eligah watch while eating popcorn.


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