$teven Song
Steven Song
is the first episode of That's So Steven.Richerd was Chanting for Steven in a Game and said STEVEN! insted of "don't stop beliving!".The Steven Song is made up by Richerd.The STEVEN part is a parody of "Don't Stop beliving" Song


Benny Jean (Jonny) was minding his own business until Cletus (Elijah) says "Hey Benny Jean" making Benny Jean Freak out and shoot Cletis.Skyler appears on the Screen and Says this is how we got the idea of Steven!" then says SSSIIIIKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! and dissapears.


  • Rap*

Hey everybody out there

let me interdouse a cool man to you

he's so awesome he'll make you poo

and his name is STEVEN!

  • chours*

He's so cool cause he's STEVEN!

and he's allway PEE'IN


he's STEVEN!

he's Just Cool

cause he's STEVEN!

After SongEdit

Jonny comes up to the screen and tells eveyone he was just bored.


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