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The meet is the frist episode and a episode short.This episode frist came from a short comic made by
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Richerd(Player of Jonny)but later replaced the characters with Skyler and Jonny and has never appered on Youtube or TV due to no one ever reading it.


Jonny walks over to a nerby 8th Grader and trys to become friends with him and adds to much info about him self and the 8th Grader trows him down the stairs.

Jonny Gets mad that he can't make any Friends and puts up a "make a new Friend!"contest and 6 pepole show up and 3 pepole turn doen Jonny and Jonny turns down 2 pepole.Skyler showns up and tells Jonny to make it quick he got a meeting in 10 minutes ans Jonny starts to talk about cool facts about him self and Skyler starts Texting and leavesand casuing the 8th Grader trys to stab Jonny with a Knife and Jonny move quickly causing the 8th Grader to fell out a window killing himself.

Jonny trys to get Skyler to come back again by change the sign to say "Cool contest" and Skyler Pushes down every one in the line and get to the front.

Jonny Asks Skyler if he his any Meetings today and Skyler says no.Jonny says cool facts about him self again asks Skyler if they will be friends and Skyler says Maybe and Jonny gives Skyler his Phone number and tells Skyler to tell him on the phone.2 Days later Skyler calls Jonny yes but he owes him and Jonny agrees to give him 50 bucks tomorrow.

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