In The Muffin Man The Muffin Man  stalks Skyler and Jonny but they must learn to live with it. 


Skyler and Jonny are sitting on the couch when Jonny asks Skyler if he knows the Muffin Man Skyler says no and Jonny asks Skyler if he should sing the song and Skyler says yes.

The Muffin Man SongEdit

Do you know the Muffin man?The muffin man

The Muffin man who stalks you in your baasement

He gives Muffins to the kids on your sterrt 

but he gets away by a beat

When you sleep he is in your beeeeeedd

With a refile in his hand

He scares you more then the in back truck.

oh wait the Muffin man!

Do you know the muffin man? the muffin

The muffin manwho stalks you in your baasement

He sleep with your mom and your dog

he beats up Bots best friends

He better then that Charlie the drunk Guinea pig crap

And that Damn neighbor!

Do you know the Muffin Man?the Muffin man

The muffin man who stalks you in your baasement!

After SongEdit

Skyler says the song was creepy but then sees the Muffin man Jonny says the Muffin man isnet real and that he made it up but Skyler says he is really there and Jonny looks behind him and The Muffin man disappears and Jonny says Skyler is pranking him but suddenly Jonny falls dead.Sklyer sees the Muffin man and finds out he killed Jonny.The Muffin man Pulls out a Gameboy color and Skyler knows He is up for a pokemon battle and Skyler pulls out his Gameboy Advance.It cut to after the Battle and The Muffin man wins Skyler asks how The Muffin man beat Skyler's level 100 Mew with a level 1 Magikarp The muffin man stares at Skyler and doesn't Speak. Skyler holds a gun up to the Muffin man's head and The Muffin man holds a gun up to Skyler's head but Skyler shoots frist and kills the Muffin man and Jonny comes back to life.

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