The Haunting
Season TBA, Episode TBA
Thye Haunting
Written by User:Ethan0508
Directed by Richerd Caridan(User:Marioawesome2) and Chris Caridan
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In The haunting Skyler kills Jonny and Jonny comes back to haunt Skyler.

Beginning Edit

One day jonny was sitting down and skyler came up with a knife and tried to kill jonny. jonny jumped up and started fighting back. but it was no use skyler had stabbed him in the arm. Jonny fell to the ground and was unconcuise


Months after this skyler was talking to his new best friend, David when we heard creaking from the attic he went up to find nothing but when he went back downstairs he had claw marks on his arm. Afriad he called the police, they didnt help him, they said he was crazy, but he knew he wasn't. a week passed and skyler heard a crash in the kitchen, i knife had fallen on a picture of him, he then ran and hid thinking someone wanted him to be crazy. The next day he went outside and saw a shadow man looking at him through the window and then every window in the house broke. Skyler ran into his car but then when he was driving he felt he was being choked he shouted " Who is doing this! " only to look back and see Jonny. Skyler ran out of the car and found a police station and told them, but they said Jonny had been dead for months

The endingEdit

For weeks skyler went with peace in his house. But one day every picture of him broke in half with a similar knife in skylers favorite picture, it was the knife he used too kill jonny. then he called a priest to get rid of jonnys spirit but during this the priest suddenly started getting clawed and then died. Skyler, in shock turned around to see jonny, Jonny then pulled him to the underworld and the police never knew what happened.

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