ThunderPoop is a character in The Awesome Catz.Thunderpoop is a simple member of the team.


ThunderPoop has black fur and poop shaped hair.


Thunderpoop was a Pussycat but after he joined the awesome catz he was braver than anyone who called him a pussy cat.


ThunderPoop can randomly some a "grass sword" from his hand and use it.Thunderpoop can use an attck called "Dirt bomb" which is a blob of dirt that exloades when it touchs a surface.


Main Characters: Skyler, Jonny, Fluff, CeCe

Secondary Characters: Deena, Mom, Dad, David, Hannah

Backup Characters: The Muffin Man, Billy Rogers, Xavier Anthony Ian

Minor Characters: Bob Roberts, Mario, Luigi

Cartoon Characters: Melo Cello ThunderPoop Evil Puppy Ed Andrew

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