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Voting War
is a Video meaning to give people the mean that they shouldn't take voting for preident too far.Fluff,Brock Obama,Skyler,Jonny CeCe, Deena, AnthonyIan and Will Crites run for preident.


Skyler and Jonny are watching TV when a commercail about Voting for Preident comes up and Skyler complains and asks why they need to make so many commercails about voting for Preident Jonny says that they try to get people off there lazy ass and vote.Skyler asks why can't they just keep the preident the same.Jonny Says a long time ago Geogre Washingtion was the preident but Skyler cuts him off and Jonny gets to the point and says that if Geogre Washingtion was still the preident he would be 500 years old or dead and Skyler says he's old enough to run for preident Jonny then agrees.Before the boys can get off the cough Will Crites tells them he I going to be preident.Skyler bets that he will win Jonny tells them he will win since hes Smarter a voice tells them they are wrong Everyone looks behind them and see it's Fluff everyone laughs loudly and Fluff Gets mad a Starts shotting lasers at Everyone.Will freaks out and throws a chair at Fluff but Fluff's Laser dyestroies the chair Jonny asks Will if he knows alot about Fluff's laser Will sarcaiticly says he's a expert.CeCe and Deena then bet they will win and Anthony and Ian also join.After a big agument Anthony says who wins get to chose who will die.

Skyler and Jonny are up in their tree house and are going through their weapons when Anthony and Ian try to get up in the Tree house but Jonny shoots them. Anthony and Ian are then seen well and alive and both evily laugh and Ian commets "I love having stunt doubles!"

CeCe and Deena make the same deal Skyler and Jonny made and they walk over to Fluff and Deena asks him if he is going to make any plans and Fluff says he did in his mind and CeCe asks how and Fluff says 10 mintues in like a month in Fluff Years.Will Tells them to back off and that Fluff is his Partner and Fluff asks that he is and Will tells him to stick to the script but Fluff asks what script Will then Faceplams.

Everyone Meet back at Skyler and Jonny's House and Jonny says they need to sign up for preident BEFORE they fight. Once everyone makes it to the Sign up area The guard Says there Underage Skyler shows his his "ID" which is a picture of Skyler with a Mustache. The Guard points out the Skyler clearly drew the Mustache on with a Sharpie and Skyler calls the Guard a lier but the Guard pulls out a gun and thretins to kill them and they all run away.

Back at the House everyone is disapointed they couldn't sign up Anthony says the should just sign up for Preisent of the world.Jonny asks if thats a thing and Anthony says "no, but it can be!" and they all go to make it a thing.After making "Preident of the world" a thing Justin Bieber trys to sign up but Skyler kicks him out and Shouts "BEETCH!"

Skyler and Jonny are up in there tree house again And SKyler commets he is so gonna win Jonny says he will they then get in a big argument.Jonny demandes a Commircal battle.Skyler says he will be the hotest and the Funniest Preident of all time and makes a Catchy Name call $kyLer the handsome guy (1-800 cool) and Jonny's says he will be the smartest predient ever and he could pay bills fast and have more fun time and a catchy catchfrase "I'm good at math and my name is J0nny!"Skyler leaves and goes to the house and Honny shouts "Hey!That's my house!"


Voting War/Script

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