Commercail guy:"Hey Everybody vote for Brock obama!And if you don't I'm gonna f**kin Kill you in your sleep!"

Skyler:"Why do they need to make so many Commercials about voting for President?!"

Jonny:"Because they want people to get off there lasy ass and vote for president!"

Skyler:"Wey Can't thay Keep the preident the same?"

Jonny:"Well a long time ago George Washington was the President ---"

Skyler:"I Already Know that!"

Jonny:"Ok.If george washington was still the president he would be over 500 years old or Dead."

Skyler:"Oh.Hey i'm old enough to run for president."


  • They both try to get off couch*

Will:"HEY!No!I am Going to be president!

Skyler:"In your Dreams!I bet I will be president and beat you BITCH!"

Jonny:"Your Both wrong I will win since i'm Smarter"

Random Voice:"Your all wrong!"

  • all turn around*



  • Fluff shoots Lasers*


Will:I'm gonna throw a chair.

Skyler:DO IT!

  • Will throws Chair*
  • Fluff's Laser destroys Chrair*

Jonny: you don't know alot about Fluff's laser do you?

Will:(sarcasm)I'm a expert