WORLD RECORDS is a episode were Skyler and Jonny try to break world records.

Season N/A, Episode N/A
HNI 0038
Air date TBA
Written by Richard Caridan
Directed by Chris Parkers and Richard Caridan
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Skyler is at a table reading a book and Jonny comes in and is shocked that Skyler is reading a book.Jonny asks Skyler what book he is reading and Skyler responds "World Records and I want to beat Some" then Jonny says "Then maybe we should" and Skyler continues "How about longest Monoply game" Jonny asks how long it is and Skyler says "17 hours" and Jonny says "Lets do it!"

Skyler and Jonny are playing Monoply when Skyler asks Jonny how long they have been playing and Jonny says "A minute and 30 seconds" Skyler then bangs his head on the table.Jonny says They should break a different record and Skyler says most periced woman and Jonny 'says maybe you havn't noticed but, I'm a guy" Skyler looks at him then Jonny says "FIN" then Deena walks in the room and Skyler asks Deena who see is Deena shows him a video of them on a tower and Skyler drops his phone she grabs it but is nearly off the rail Skyler gets his phone along with pushing her off the rail.After the video Skyler feels sorry and tells her then asks her if she wants to do a record for them she asks which one and Skyler tells her "most pirced woman and She prepares to slap him but he quickly tells her he want to recreate the night and she accepts.

Skyler and Deena are again on the tower and Deena asks if they want to get back together Skyler says no and Deena Says "You said you wanted to recreate this night right" Skyler responds "Yeah.....and your point is?" and she trys to grab him but Jonny pops up and she grabs Jonny and throws him instead of Skyler off the tower and she says "Well not Skyler but somebody...."Deena then looks back to see Skyler is gone."Damnit!" she shouts.

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