Will Crites




Baseball, Football, basketball, Pizza


Softball, Rasins, Fat kids randomly farting near him


Skyler, Jonny, Puff, Fluff, Baby Puff

Will Crites is a good Friend of Skyler and Jonny in Skyler and Jonny AND Real life he also made Baby Puff.He is Friends With Skyler and Jonny On Facebook.


Will has Blonde hair and Sometimes weres a hat.

Appearances in EpisodesEdit

Will's First appearance was Voting War and he ran for President.Will is seen is Cameo Dancing in Steven Song.


Will is kind and likes to have attention by being cool and funny.He problay lik,es to dance lot because in music videos like Steven Song he dances in the backround

Will is shown not to be HIGHLY edgacatied like in Voting War by Throwing a chair at Fluff's Laser

Heath ProblemsEdit

Dental IssuesEdit

During a huge Football game a overwhight kid takled Will making him lose a left tooth and after the game when Will's team won the same kid punched Will in the Face making him lose 3 theeth and that made him need to wear a retaniner.


It's unknown if Will has any account other than Facebook.On his Facebook he doesn't do muuch and all he does is talk to friends and play games.Will hopes to make a YouTube called WilliamChrist