Zombies attacked

Group upEdit

Zombies? really? says David watching tv hmph, fake bulls**t. The next morning he woke up with zombies out side he said: Holy s**t it was right. Just then He saw skyler and jonny running to him he said: Guys we need to go together now! Jonny was like: We need deena: They got deena. David said: Hannah too!. They found hannah. Just then Xavier and matt appeared, david said: No not matt never. Skyler said: we have to to have more people. David said: Fine but only for a bigger group!


Jonny was like: where do we go?!, david said: I watch horror movies, the mall: skyler said : WHAT! HOW! David was like: after we clear out the few zombies there is a ton of supplies. They found it david said: how many zombies? jonny said uhhh you have to see this. There was hundreds of zmobies, david was like: S**T S**T S**T. Xavier said: We just run. Everyone agreed. They ran, while they were running a zombie bit xavier so david shot him in the face. They finnally got in with only xavier dead.They knock on CeCe's door Everyone told her to come and Zombie grabbed her and she said "take this you son of a bitch!" and elbowed them and they ran.

S**t manEdit

3 days later the guys had gotten guns and weapons and zombies were breaking in. Jonny said: We have to sacrifice somebody to die as a distraction,, Matt pushed David off the roof and said: what? He was our distraction. Skyler and Jonny were like 0.0 Just then a hand grabbed Matts foot, not in my town said David and pulled him over. With them both dangling Skyler came to help them up so they could decide the distraction better . David got up but stepped on Matts hand so he fell. David mumbled: bitch! You've gone too far!, said Matt but Jonny shot him in the knee and they threw him over the ledge and he got Ripped in peices.

The end?Edit

5 days later,  the zombies just broke in  and our heroes have to live. They made a plan. Hannah and CeCe downstairs. David on the stairs, and Skyler and Jonny upstairs. Too many zombies got in and they had to retreat upstairs. Hannah tripped and fell and died.CeCe was too distracted than got circled and was eaten. With just boys left, David blew the mall up they were surrounded by 1000 zombies then the military came. Skyler was grabbed. David got in the helicopter. Skyler was being bit by Xaiver who was no long a zombie but got kicked in the balls. Jonny killed the zombies but David got bit and Matt(who had his arm were his leg should be and one eye andhalf a nose) said about time!Suddenly Steven came and had to stab Matt in the head with a sword then said "out of any other character I have to come and kill this Dick!